16th International Conference

Commercial Vehicles 2021

Truck, Bus, Van, Trailor
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
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Ways to achieve Zero Emission
ZF E-Mobility products and software for commercial vehicles ….. 1
Thermoelectric generators for heavy-duty vehicles as an economical waste heat recovery system ….. 17
Hybridization of heavy duty trucks – Market analysis and technology for high voltage as well as low voltage solutions ….. 33

Development processes and methods
Lightweight construction and cost reduction – a lean, agile MSCDPS® product development process ….. 43
eDrive & Fuel Cell powertrain systems engineering for commercial vehicles ….. 55
Fatigue development of a 10×10 commercial vehicle frame using dynamic and/or strength simulation, virtual iteration and component testing together with measurement data acquisition ….. 73
Data-driven selection of vehicle variants for the E/E integration test – Increasing variants and complex technology versus test coverage ….. 81

Hydrogen propulsion
High performance and efficiency hydrogen engine using westport fuel systems’ Commercially available HPDI fuel system ….. 97
E/E architecture and operating strategy for fuel-cell trucks – Challenges and solutions for energy- and cost-efficient operation ….. 117

Keywords: Nutzfahrzeuge, Internet of things, automatisiertes Fahren, Digitailsierung, Auto Connectivity, Bus, Lkw, Anhänger, Wohnwagen, Wasserstoff Motor, Commercial vehicles, IoT, automated driving, ccar connectivity, truck, bus, van, trailer, lightweight construction, cell powertrain, hydrogen egine

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