22nd International VDI Congress

Dritev 2022

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Erscheinungsdatum: 06.07.2022
Reihe: VDI-Berichte
Band Nummer: 2401
Ort: Baden-Baden
ISBN: 978-3-18-092401-4
ISSN: 0083-5560
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
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The Magna 7HDT400 for BMW’s new 48V hybrid drive family  …..1

Modular Torque Management Architecture …..13

Sustainability & LCA
Life Cycle Assessments – Magna’s Path to Eco-Social Products ….. 27

Innovative E-Drive testing and software optimization – Key to maximize range, comfort and robustness of modern electric powertrains ….. 37

Objectified Evaluation of Fundamental Driveability Maneuvers at Powertrain-in-the-Loop Testbeds for Electric Drive Units ….. 61

Testing of shift elements – Standardized Methods, State of the Art and Future Challenges ….. 73

Compact Reduced Order Model (ROM) based on Finite Element (FE) Models of Power Electronics in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles ….. 95

Electric Drives for All-wheel Functions – A System Comparison of ASM and PSM ….. 109

Efficiency Increase of Electric Machines with Active Thermal Field Weakening ….. 119

Potentials to reduce the Energy Consumption of Electric Vehicles in Urban Traffic ….. 133

Use of Power-Dense Fuel-Efficient Tapered Roller Bearings in E-Drives under Low-Viscosity Oil and High-Speed Conditions ….. 153

Modelling & simulations
Multiphase CFD investigation of splash lubrication ….. 169

Multi-body Dynamics of a Vehicle Axle System Based on a Time-varying Gear Mesh Model for Investigating Hypoid Gear Noise and Vibration ….. 185

Components & Plastics Applications
Flowforming – High-strength complex components including toothing formed from a single sheet of metal ….. 197

Plastics in high reliability Power Inverter Applications ….. 209

Simulation-based evaluation of high-speed PEEK gears in automotive powertrains and design of a validation environment for high-speed gears ….. 223

Proof of Concept: Bistable Shift Element ….. 241

Intelligent AWD
Electric Torque Vectoring Disconnect unit, eTVD ….. 253

The EtelligentReach Project – A new Level for Range and Dynamics ….. 267

Network-based System Development and Integration Approach ….. 277

Extreme cornering performance of Integrated Drive Axle on vehicle ….. 291

A Degradation Model of a Wet Friction Clutch based on Theoretical and Experimental Analysis and the Application for a Condition Monitoring Method ….. 303

AI Approach to Wet Friction Torque Model Adaptation ….. 321

Temperature Modelling of a Dual Clutch with Artificial Neural Networks ….. 335

Test benches
Chassis Dynamometer – a development environment for calibration and validation of vehicle drivetrains in context of RDE legislation? ….. 347

High-Speed Testing: The Fast Lane towards a Running System ….. 365

Model-based simulation of a longitudinal dynamics vehicle model with a single-wheel drive ….. 381

Thermal management
Holistic thermal management as a “must have” for efficient BEV ….. 397

Advanced Electric Drive Modelling for Thermal and NVH adaptive control ….. 407

Keywords: Elektromobilität, Antriebsstrang, elektrische Maschinen, finite Elemente, Simulation, Doppelkupplung, Hochgeschwindigkeitstest, Sustainability, E-drive testing, life cycle assessments, power train test bed, e-machines, finite elements, active thermal field weakening, simulation, wet friction clutch, artificial neutral networks

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