18. Internationaler Kongress

ELIV 2017

18th International Congress
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Erscheinungsdatum: 18.10.2017
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Ort: Bonn
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
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Seamless Electronics for Automotive Services. Going forward from the last ELIV „Electronics in Vehicles“ in 2015 – the most significant Congress in Automotive Electronics has now seen a substantial upgrade.  In line with the feedback given by participants, speakers and journalists we have added new elements and contents to the event, which is beneficial for all involved. The announcement of moving the Congress from traditional Baden-Baden to Bonn in 2017 has certainly also done its bit to shape the event further. The city of Bonn represents internationality, growth, and easy access and is synonymous with technical know-how at the highest level – all of which does credit to the congress, particularly in light of the turnaround in the car industry driven by the latest electronic developments. All members of the program committee have been able to convince themselves in person of the capability of the new UN Congress Center, which is located within close proximity of the plenary hall of the former Bundestag. We are planning a new dimension of exhibitions combined with product demonstrations as well as an accompanying start-up market place. A discussion will be held there along the lines of how the distinct core competences of automobile manufacturers and suppliers can be skillfully combined with those elements that come with the new world. To take account of this and to stimulate the continued debate about mega trends, the offboard elements as part of the extended End2End effect chain will enter the congress as a new major component: The groundwork for „Electromobility 2025“ has to be laid now. We are already „en Route to…

Keywords: hochautomatisiert, Fahren, KI, künstliche Intelligenz, Sensorreichweite, sensor, Sensormodell, hochautomatisiert, Fahren, KI, künstliche Intelligenz, Sensorreichweite, sensor, Sensormodell

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