20th International Congress and Exibition

ELIV 2021

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Start-up future
It has felt like Covid-19 had a stranglehold on us. But we haven‘t allowed ourselves to be defeated. On the contrary, we are taking advantage of the opportunities that arise as a result. Not only the long-overdue push towards digitalization, for example, but also the time gained by making fewer journeys. Those who show strength now and position themselves for the future will win. And that is exactly the reason why we have been preparing ELIV 2021 with such a lot of enthusiasm.

As usual, we have prepared an up-to-date program with the familiar mixture of technically demanding and strategic papers and are sure that the ELIV platform will once again be a trendsetter for the automotive industry.

The CASE megatrends (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) continue to disrupt the industry. In the Connect environment, there is still a struggle for user-friendly services and competition amongst digital ecosystems is in full swing. The entry of powerful central computers into electronic architectures poses major challenges for all parties involved.

Keywords: Automatisiertes Fahren, automated driving, smart sensor, infrastructure-assisted perception, hybrid collaborated positioning, automated parking, radar simulation, trajectory tracking, operational fleet data, grapf-based vehicle diagnostics, machine learning, vehicle health management,

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