International Conference on Gears 2023

Typ: VDI-Berichte
Erscheinungsdatum: 13.09.2023
Reihe: VDI-Berichte
Band Nummer: 2422
Ort: Garching bei München
ISBN: 978-3-18-092422-9
ISSN: 0083-5560
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Anzahl Seiten: 1918
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The International Conference on Gears in Garching near Munich, Germany, is an established platform for researchers on and manufacturers of gears and transmission systems. At the 10th issue of the conference in September of 2023, gear experts discussed the latest developments and research results from the powertrain industry and academia.

Given the increasing challenges of climate change and its impacts, acting in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is mandatory for all engineers today. Gear engineers must consider these objectives in their research and development activities and provide solutions that meet the technical requirements and contribute to achieving the UN goals.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is a primary driver for climate change. Reducing GHG emissions should be an urgent action for the combat against climate change. Therefore, the research on efficiency is assigned a key role. Several contributions in this report discuss the possibilities for further improvement in efficiency from different points of view, like gear design or lubrication. Other subjects of the conferences are Responsible Consumption and Production. Here, enhanced calculation methods of the load-carrying capacity of both steel and highperformance plastic gears are given to reduce the usage of resources. Furthermore, extending the life cycle of gear systems by repairing and reusing them in compliance with this goal is also the subject of expert contributions.
Within this report, you will find the complete arrangement of proceedings of the presentations during the VDI International Conference on Gears 2023. I wish you an instructive and enjoyable reading of this Special Issue, and may it inspire your own work.

Keywords: verlustarme Getriebe, Risswachstum, Stirnrad, Planeten Getriebe, Lebensdauer Vorhersage, Maschenweite Synchronisierung, Reibungskoeffizient, Lastverteilung, Schmierung, Ölfluss Simulation, schlaues Getriebe, Re-X, low-loss-gears, tooth root load, fatigue strenght, spur gear, crack groth, root life prediction model, planetary gear, mesh phasing, friction coefficient, ISO 6336, E-Axle applications, load distribution, NVH, multi stage gear trains, lubrication, planetary gearbox, meshing contact, oil flow simulation, CFD, smart gear

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