Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2015

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Erscheinungsdatum: 18.03.2015
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
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Engineering plastics and fiber-reinforced composite plastics have over many years proved themselves as innovative materials in modern automotive engineering, in both cars and commercial vehicles.

Today, plastics are valuable pacemakers for lightweight design in body construction and add-on body components. Body structures using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics are opening up new dimensions in automotive lightweight design. In the case of body panels, engineering plastics make geometrically challenging designs possible as well as particularly economic component solutions due to integrative production processes. In the vehicle interior, plastics are today a solid foundation for designing high-quality engineering surfaces;
when combined with decorative elements made of wood or technical design elements, designs are created which are especially economic as well as aesthetically appealing, designs which would be very difficult or even impossible to achieve with other materials. Furthermore, in the vehicle concepts of the future, renewable raw materials will be used increasingly for visible areas when designing interior trim; here plastics are indispensable
to technical design and long-term dimensional stability.

Innovations in plastics technology have a direct influence on the vehicle designs of tomorrow. Innovative structural reinforced-fiber constructions using chopped carbon fiber, flat heating systems for electric vehicles, back-injected or thermoformed moldings, plastic glazing with integrated electrical and electronic functions, and a plastics-based lighting and ambience concept using luminescent films and background lighting systems – all
these make tailored system solutions possible in passenger car and commercial vehicle construction while securing long-term international competitiveness in the plastics and automotive industries.

Keywords: 234338, 4338, Kunststoff-Technik, plastics, automotive, thermal insultation, fiber-composite plastics, hybrid solutions, commercial vehicles, lighting, thermoplastics, bumper, motorcycle construction,

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